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When I was a kid our next door neighbor had a black tri Aussie who would come to our house to visit often. It was then that I fell in love with this smart, sweet and loyal breed. When I was in high school I finally got my first Aussie, a red Merle named Sky. I’ve been obsessed with these dogs ever since!

I decided in 2012 I wanted to share my love for Aussies with others by raising these amazing dogs. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not much makes me happier than seeing my puppies bringing lots of love and joy to their forever homes.
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My program is built with love from the ground up. I care deeply about responsible breeding, and I do everything I can to ensure my dogs and puppies are getting the best care in every aspect of their lives with me.
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Timber is my first Aussie, I couldn’t not be more in love with him, he stays by my side, is kind to everyone, loves to play with all the animals and sleeps in a place where he can watch over the whole family. Hands down best temperament, personality and by far the best smile (he got it from his momma 😁) Clover Creek Aussies will forever be #1, we didn’t just get a good dog…. We were blessed with a best friend ♥️ thank you Jackie Milka.
Tina Blanchette
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My daughter came home from college her freshman year with an Australian Shepard. My husband and I absolutely fell in love instantly. When she left home with the dog for her fall semester, my husband and I were heartbroken. Once we made the decision that we needed our own, we were pleasantly surprised to find a reputable breeder in our very own town of Rochester, Massachusetts. Originally when I reached out, there were no available pups. On the night of my birthday, I was surprised by a message from a Jackie saying she had a puppy available.

Upon arrival to Jackie’s house, we witnessed how gentle her dogs were with her small children. I asked in a joking manor, if the two grown dogs were available as they were so beautiful and obedient. She instantly said, “absolutely not” and then our beautiful baby walked around the corner. We took Winnie home that night! It took about a half of second to fall in love! She has brought so much happiness, and love to our lives. She is such a sweet and loving dog with lots of energy. She loves to hike and is friendly to everyone she meets including small kids and other animals. She is extremely smart and will do just about anything for a treat. My sister has since joined in on the love for Australian Shepard’s. Her family has grown with two Clover Creek Aussies over the last year. Each one of our Clover Creek Aussies have proven to be so loving and special in their own way.

Jennifer Gerard
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We got our little boy Oscar 3 years ago from Clover Creek Aussies. He’s the sweetest little boy, so smart, energetic and loving. They take great care of the pups before they go to their forever home, and make sure you know what to feed them and how to care for them before sending then with you, along with giving you the vet paperwork. Highly recommend!!

Ericka Perry
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We decided on an Australian Shepherd for our family, and couldn’t be happier with our new addition, Finley. He’s a happy, healthy, gorgeous pup who brightens every day. Working with Jackie was a smooth process, and you can tell she cares deeply about her dogs. For first time puppy owners like us, it couldn’t have been any easier. We’re so excited to share our family with Finley, and can’t wait for what’s to come. Highly recommend Clover Creek!
Eric T